Carole Farley International Vocal Coaching

I am very excited to announce that I am now coaching singers in the following areas:

• role preparation
• song/vocal repertoire
• opera theatre and acting
• interpretation and musicianship
• orchestral score reading
• recital preparation
• diction (including French, German, Spanish and Italian)
• vocal chamber music
• CD / recording preparation
• how to find a manager
• resume preparation and audition techniques
• music business, musical entrepreneurship

Singers need practical knowledge in bridging their academic life with the real world of creative music-making in today's ultra-competitive world.

It is my goal to mentor and guide vocal artists in the life-long preparation of their musical endeavors by sharing my own experiences. Another pair of ears is essential to maintain vocal health and control. I am thrilled to share my extensive international performance expertise in an effort to cultivate the next generation of vocal artistic talent. Talented singers wanting to benefit from my one-on-one coaching should contact me here.

  • Testimonials
  • "Opera Star, Carole Farley, helped me take the next steps as a professional artist by creating a safe environment to explore advanced character development, connecting me with influential people around the world to move my career forward, and complete practical singer-friendly coachings on diction, musicality, technique, and acting."

    -- Kirsten Chambers, soprano

  • "As both a mentor and friend, Carole Farley has helped breathe new life into my career. She continues to generously, and strategically, use her vast international network of conductors, directors, intendants, managers and other high-level administrators to help develop my career and position me for success."

    -- Alok Kumar, tenor

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