Recital Repertoire


Debussy Le Balcon
Satie 3 songs
Poulenc Le Chemin de l'Amour
Arlen 3 songs
Gershwin 3 songs
Poulenc La Voix Humaine (monologue on text of Jean Cocteau)


Mendelssohn Selected Songs
Schumann Frauenliebe und Leben
Prokofiev Selected Songs


Lecuona Selected Love Songs
Weill Selected Songs
Arlen Selected Songs
Gershwin Selected Songs


Ned Rorem Selected Songs
Ned Rorem Anna la Bonne (Dramatic Monologue on texts by Cocteau)
Francis Poulenc La Dame de Monte Carlo (Dramatic Monologue on texts by Cocteau)
Eric Satie Cabaret Songs


Rorem Selected Songs
Bolcom Theatre and Cabaret Songs


Lowell Liebermann Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking (Walt Whitman), Op. 41
On the Beach at Night (Walt Whitman), Op.78
Ned Rorem Youth, Day, Old Age and Night (Walt Whitman)
O you whom I often and silently come (Walt Whitman)
As Adam early in the morning (Walt Whitman)
Are you the new person? (Walt Whitman)
Full of life now (Walt Whitman)
What if some little pain...(Edmund Spenser)
Now sleeps the crimson petal (Alfred Lord Tennyson)
Orchids (Theodore Roethke)
The Waking (Theodore Roethke)
Root Cellar (Theodore Roethke)
I strolled across an open field (Theodore Roethke)
The Serpent (Theodore Roethke)
My Papa's Waltz (Theodore Roethke)
William Bolcom Never More Will the Wind (from "I Will Breathe a Mountain") (words by H. D.)
O To Be a Dragon (from "I Will Breathe a Mountain") (words by Marianne Moore)
The Bustle in a House (from "I Will Breathe a Mountain") (words by Emily Dickinson)
The Crazy Woman (from "I Will Breathe a Mountain") (words by Gwendolyn Brooks)
Night Practice (from "I Will Breathe a Mountain") (words by May Swenson)
Costa del Nowhere (from Tillinghast Duo)
Mary (words by William Blake)
When We Built the Church (words by Arnold Weinstein)
The Digital Wonder Watch (An Advertisement) (words by May Swenson)
Carlos Guastavino Three Songs for Voice, Guitar and Piano
Ernesto Lecuona Siempre en mi corazón (text by Ernesto Lecuona)
Como presiento (text by Ernesto Lecuona)
Al fin (text by Ernesto Lecuona)
Conga Cuba (text by Ernesto Lecuona)
En una noche así (from the film "Carnival in Costa Rica") (text by Ernesto Lecuona)
La comparsa (text by Ernesto Lecuona)
Cancion del amor triste (text by Juana de Ibarbourou)


Duparc L'invitation au voyage
Chanson Triste
Le Manoir de Rosamonde
Rorem Youth, day, old age and night
O you whom i often and silently come
As adam early in the morning
Early in the morning
My papa's waltz
Bolcom Never more will the wind
O to be a dragon
The bustle in a house
Costa del nowhere
The digital wonderwatch
Weill Love in a mist
September song
Speak low
Arlen What's good about goodbye
Right as the rain
I had myself a true love
Gershwin Love is sweeping the country
Boy what love has done to me!
Isn't it a pity
Lecuona Siempre en mi corazón
La Comparsa
Canción del Amor Triste